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2014-06-09 05:28 pm
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BPAL wishlist

I had a wishlist on the forum, but that's still down, and I do have a wishlist at scentbase, but that has GCs and LEs all jumbled up. So I'm trying to organize things into some kind of coherence here, but it's very much a work in progress. :)

GC imps
Black Phoenix
Blood Pearl
Dana O'Shee
Leanan Sidhe
The Sea Foams Blood

GC partial or empty bottles
Aperotos Eros
Dragon's Milk
Snake Oil
The Scales of Deprivation

LEs I'd love to try:
Angry Crab
Banshee Beat
Boystyle Aristrocrat
Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge
The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife
The Sea Rat
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2010-07-11 04:05 am

what when how why


I just crossed 10k on my Oz Big Bang. This really shouldn't warrant a holy fuck considering there's a 20k check in tomorrow, which means I'm still way behind where I should be.

But still! HOLY FUCK! I have written ten thousand words of Oz fic! That is the most writing of any kind I have done in years. I'm... kind of amazed by it. When I signed up I wasn't entirely sure if I could follow through on it. But I thought, eh, never know if I don't try, right? And yet I can honestly say I'm a bit surprised to have made it this far.

The best part is I'm on a roll for the first time. A LOT of this writing has felt a bit like pulling teeth, but today it's just been flowing. So while I kinda doubt I'll hit 20k by the check in, there's a good chance I could be a lot closer than I thought I would.

Yay. I'm so pleased right now. :)
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2010-05-31 10:28 am

oz fandom ahoy!

Does anyone know if there is any comm or journal for Oz fandom where one can ask canon-related questions? Or would anyone familiar with canon be willing to help me figure some stuff out? I'm furiously cobbling together my Oz Big Bang and there are a few things I'd love to confirm, with someone who has a better memory and/or grip on the legal system than I do.