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hagiologic ([personal profile] hagiologic) wrote2010-07-11 04:05 am

what when how why


I just crossed 10k on my Oz Big Bang. This really shouldn't warrant a holy fuck considering there's a 20k check in tomorrow, which means I'm still way behind where I should be.

But still! HOLY FUCK! I have written ten thousand words of Oz fic! That is the most writing of any kind I have done in years. I'm... kind of amazed by it. When I signed up I wasn't entirely sure if I could follow through on it. But I thought, eh, never know if I don't try, right? And yet I can honestly say I'm a bit surprised to have made it this far.

The best part is I'm on a roll for the first time. A LOT of this writing has felt a bit like pulling teeth, but today it's just been flowing. So while I kinda doubt I'll hit 20k by the check in, there's a good chance I could be a lot closer than I thought I would.

Yay. I'm so pleased right now. :)
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[personal profile] simonesa 2010-07-19 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
I was at the contxt BBC panel. I was wondering you had written up the con report. I am in particular looking for access to Top Gear.